COVID Safe Plans for Transport and Warehouse Operators

Being a Victorian and heavily involved in the transport sector I see first-hand the workload that has been assumed by Transport and Warehouse Operators in order to not just comply to the stage 4 lock down rules and their stringent COVID safe plans but to do their bit to stem the case numbers. And [...]

Dean Langenberg talks to ATN Magazine about RollCall Services

RollCall founder Dean Langenberg is featured in this week's ATN magazine. Dean explains how RollCall Services will assist businesses in the post Coronavirus landscape: "One of the key messages coming from the authorities is clean, clean, clean. And critically record where, when and who performed the cleaning." Dean Langenberg The article states "Melbourne-based software [...]

RollCall responds to its client needs and adapts their system to manage Remote Learning Attendance

What a difference one month makes. In the space of just a few weeks, schools are re-inventing themselves from traditional learning methods to adapt to remote learning. Everything is moving so fast that there has not been time to strategically consider how students’ remote attendance can be verified. As fellow Australians, we are all [...]

RollCall helping to fight traffic congestion

We've all driven to work during school holidays and noticed that peak hour traffic is significantly reduced. New research conducted by Griffith University in Queensland has shed light on exactly what is happening. The study has identified that students being driven to private schools has a disproportionate impact on traffic congestion. In recent years [...]

Children left on school buses – Prevention and Risk Reduction

Summer is coming, and for those of us involved in the bus industry our thoughts immediately go to the increased risk the summer heat presents when accidentally leaving children on school buses. Any time is a bad time to leave children on a bus - but in summer it can be very dangerous and [...]