Queensland takes the lead in student safety on buses

Queensland takes the lead in student safety on buses

It is good to see the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads is taking a strong lead in the area of student safety on buses.

The Department and RollCall seem to be on the same page. It would appear our free offer of the new Bus Guardian module to our existing and new clients is very timely.

RollCall – Bus Guardian has the technology solution for the Department’s “Essential Requirements”. Read the transcript of the letter sent out by the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads.

Dear Transport Provider

Thank you for the important role that you as transport providers do in connecting Queenslanders with work, play and essential daily services daily.

Unfortunately, we have observed incidents recently where young children have been left unsupervised withing vehicles for extended periods of time. Tragically, one incident resulted in the death of a three-year-old child.

We acknowledge the range of existing safe work processes already in place but encourage all transport operators to review their training, policies and procedures to reduce the risk of passengers being accidentally left in vehicles.

Routine practices, such as ensuring records are up to date, roll checks, head counts, and physical vehicle inspections are essential components for managing and minimising risk for users of transport services. Transport providers are encouraged to ensure these essential processes are undertake consistently without exception.

The Department of Transport and Main Roads will continue to work with transport operators to ensure robust procedures are implemented that provide a safe environment for all members of our community. This message will be reinforced through our routine regulatory role.

Thank you for your support on this important matter. Together, we will all continue to work for the safe transportation of passengers across Queensland.

Click the image below to see the letter.