School bus routes


Why RollCall?

Your simple one page guide to the RollCall School Bus Management System

School Bus routes planned the easy way with Smart Route

Driven by the dual purpose of delivering better student welfare outcomes in the form of reduced school bus route transit times and to assist bus companies and schools more efficiently plan school bus routes we have built a planning module called Smart Route.

Implementing the module into many of our school and bus company clients we have added enhancements that have delivered even more benefits than we ever envisaged at the beginning of our journey.

Clients with Smart Route have:

  • Increased the utilisation of buses
  • Reduced the number of students being dropped off and picked up by car every day,
  • Reduced the risk for schools
  • Reduced environmental impacts of buses
  • Helped schools with forward planning and marketing.

How does it work?

  • With Smart Route we map the home location of every student deemed a Bus Traveller. We show you who they are, and what grade they are enrolled in. We then let you map and place stops in the locations that match your bus strategy. You then allocate the stops to the school bus routes you have planned.
  • Then ask our system to allocate students to the closest stop to their residence and we then give you an estimated school bus route that considers the boarding time of each student.
  • Move the stops from one planned school bus route to another to compare the estimated travel time.
  • Balance the routes, meet your school bus route transit time targets and make sure you are not getting your youngest students to cross busying dangerous intersections getting to and from the bus stop. We map the journey each student needs to take from home to the bus stop and back. If they are you can relocate the stop to a safer location.

Increase School Bus Route Utilisation & Efficiency

If you need to increase the utilisation of your school bus routes, you can map the students that are not regular bus travellers by simply clicking a button. Then approach the families to join the bus travelling cohort.

Then you can simply save the plan and allocate the routes you have built with just 3 clicks – setting up your routes for the next year.

For Bus companies this is a process that can takes weeks of manual work (photocopying maps, cotton and pins, you name it we have seen it all). Whereas our clients who are using Smart Route have reported route planning now takes a couple of days at the most.

Getting started is easy

Low-cost options for implementing RollCall

It’s easy for schools and bus companies to start using RollCall. You can download this brochure for more information. If the school gets in touch with us we can quickly get the ball rolling with a demo and affordable pricing plans. Once the decision is made, RollCall is usually up-and-running within a few weeks.