RollCall provides schools full management of duty-of-care on bus transfers and excursions

Saves time and eliminates the risk of human error

RollCall School Bus Management Software – Benefits for schools

Effectively monitor your students’ bus travel with our school bus management software

Are teachers doing roll-calls and headcounts on bus lines for daily travel, sporting events, and excursions? Has there been an incident causing unnecessary stress such as a child getting on the wrong bus, alighting at the wrong stop, or failing to get on a bus? An excursion returning late while concerned parents waited? With RollCall school bus management software – parents, schools, and the bus company have awareness of individual children in transit. Track journeys in real-time. Receive real-time email alerts about variations or deviations in journeys or passengers. Schools and bus companies that use RollCall are delivering the peace-of-mind over school kids in transit that parents expect and demand.

RollCall can also significantly improve school bus route planning and efficiency with our Smart Route Module.

How it works

Dashboard view and real-time alerts for schools

RollCall brings together state-of-the-art travel smart-tag technology (something like Opal and Miki cards) with advanced GPS/telematics bus-tracking technology to give schools and parents full visibility of kids travelling on school buses.

  • Kids tap-on, tap-off the bus or enabled RollCall device
  • Teachers can use the RollCall device for on-the-spot scanning
  • Know which bus route each child should be taking
  • Know which children are travelling on which bus
  • Know when and where each child is getting on/off buses
  • Track bus journeys in real-time on an easy-to-read map
  • Receive alerts if any journey isn’t going exactly to plan
  • Parents are automatically alerted if there’s a problem
  • The bus company knows the correct route for each child
  • Drivers are alerted to discrepancies in any child’s itinerary
  • Secure data – secure restricted user-access authorisations

What schools are saying about RollCall bus management software

Schools and parents of school children all over Australia are talking about the many benefits of RollCall for school student travel monitoring

Packaged pricing makes RollCall school bus management software accessible now

RollCall is made easily-available to schools of all sizes, in the interests of child safety

Getting started is easy

Low-cost options for implementing RollCall

It’s easy for schools and bus companies to start using RollCall. You can download this brochure for more information. If the school gets in touch with us we can quickly get the ball rolling with a demo and affordable pricing plans. Once the decision is made, RollCall is usually up-and-running within a few weeks.