RollCall school bus management system delivers real-time tracking of every single aspect of your bus system.

For every student, on every bus, each school day, for your school, staff, and parents.

School Bus Tracker App
Partners across Australia trust and integrate with rollcall
Bus Safety System
School bus application
How to track school bus
School Bus Tracker App
School bus student tracking

Real-time Visibility

Staff and Parents
kept constantly informed of student movements

Cloud based security

School data
secured and decentralised in siloed AWS data centers

Route planning

Improve efficiency
with the use of RollCall’s Smart Route functionality

Duty of care

Protect students
by automating your duty-of-care for school transport

A school bus management system that actually improves bus utilisation

built for schools

Effectively monitor your students’ bus travel with our school bus management system

RollCall brings together state-of-the-art travel smart-tag technology (something like Opal and Miki cards) with advanced GPS/telematics bus-tracking technology to give schools and parents full visibility of kids travelling on school buses.

built for bus companies

Real-time dashboard, hands-free scanning, instant alerts, improved bus utilisation

RollCall school bus management system works with schools and bus operators to design new routes and understand how children could spend less time on buses.
Track My School Bus Software

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Parent notifications every school day

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Bus Utilisation on rollcall buses

School Management


Give your staff the power to manage your entire school bus system using RollCall Safety solutions streamlined admin application. 

Parent Engagement

Bus Safety System

Parents ios & Android App

Provide parents with visibility of their children in transit. Through RollCalls native applications parents can track journeys in real-time.

School Business Management

Bus Safety System
School bus application
How to track school bus
School Bus Tracker App
School bus student tracking


RollCall Safety Systems integrates with industry leading systems to provide a seamless experience for our clients and end users. Sync your student data from your school management systems such as Sentral and TASS. Keep up-to-date on fees and billing with one of our secure payment gateways partners.

What people are saying about RollCall

“Braemar College implemented RollCall in 2017. As a regional school of 1200 students, with almost all travelling to and from school by bus, RollCall has enabled staff to identify which students are on a particular bus at any given time, whether individual students boarded their usual or an alternative bus, and where they disembarked. RollCall is a reliable and cost-effective product which supports students’ safety across our network of 20 buses. As Principal of Braemar College, I highly recommend it.”
Russell Deer, Braemar College
“RollCall has been a fantastic addition to our school. With its ease-of-use and efficient support team, it has helped to streamline our processes for student bus travel. Feedback from parents has been very positive. In addition, the system has allowed the School to commence a casual user option, resulting in improved utilisation of buses.”
Hume Anglican Grammar School, Michelle Nickson
Finance & Administration Officer
“I love Roll Call parent app. The RollCall parent app gives me complete peace of mind knowing exactly what time my children arrive at school each day and exactly when they will arrive at the bus stop in the afternoon. If the bus is running late (or worse me!), no trouble I can see where the bus is en route and relax. It’s an added layer of comfort and convenience. Only one app to visit for anything school bus-related.”
Parent, grammar school child, Country VIC

Fulfil Your Duty of Care.
Optimise Your Entire Bus Management Process.

Experience the full RollCall suite. Bespoke to your school.

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