RollCall responds to its client needs and adapts their system to manage Remote Learning Attendance

RollCall responds to its client needs and adapts their system to manage Remote Learning Attendance

What a difference one month makes. In the space of just a few weeks, schools are re-inventing themselves from traditional learning methods to adapt to remote learning. Everything is moving so fast that there has not been time to strategically consider how students’ remote attendance can be verified.

As fellow Australians, we are all in this together and RollCall has had to adapt to help our clients. Using our current software that our clients are already using; RollCall has adjusted a few things to make a Student Remote Attendance System.

The responsibility for structure, routine and validation of student’s attendance is now in the domain of parents and schools have expressed this to be a challenging and complex new issue that must be resolved. Even when attending classes remotely, the school needs records of attendance and absenteeism and students need to be able to verify their participation in learning activity.

So, what is the connection between RollCall School Bus Management software and remote learning attendance?

RollCall attendance is important in the new remote learning circumstance as it will engage the parent independently of the students in the attendance and learning process.

It ensures the parents take responsibility for the children being ready for learning.  Confirming they are awake, dressed for school, had breakfast and are at their desk with their devices switched on, with pen in hand and ready to go.

How long will it take schools to transition from the RollCall Bus Management to Remote Learning Attendance System?

A single staff member (familiar with RollCall) will be able to transition across in around 1 hour.

Secondly, and most importantly, since most parents already have the RollCall Parent App, the instructions for parents to adjust will be minimal. These parent instructions will be provided online by RollCall.

Should there be the need, RollCall can concurrently cater for schools that will be managing both Remote Learning and Emergency Service Personnel’s students transport.

What is the additional cost for existing schools?

There is no cost to our existing loyal clients. This is in recognition of the need to work together during these unusual and stressful times.

What are the next steps?

Contact RollCall via the Support button in your RollCall System, alternatively email OR  call 1300 821 116 to request the 4 step instructions which will include the parent video instructions.

These are challenging times for our young people and teachers. RollCall is pleased to play its small part.