Positive feedback for RollCall

Positive feedback for RollCall

Here at RollCall, we take the task of keeping kids safe very seriously. So, when we receive glowing reviews from parents we know we are on the right track. See below for some recent feedback.

I have found the system very useful as a new parent at Wellesley. My son also feels more confident taking the bus because of RollCall.

My son is in year 5 and is new to taking a bus to school. The RollCall app provides us both with great assurance as he sets out on his own. I use the app to easily schedule his busses in advance, some days he comes and goes from my workplace and other days from closer to home, and I can cancel the bus when we have made other arrangements. I get an email when he boards and disembarks so that I know exactly when he was on the bus and where he has gotten off, and I even know the driver’s name. He has his fob for tagging on and off on the zip of his backpack so it is easy to find when he needs it, and it does not get lost. In the app I can track his bus in real time so if there is ever a delay, I know right where he is. The app provides me with great confidence as a parent. My son like it because he knows that I am aware of his comings and goings and he won’t miss his stop or get off at the wrong place. I am so glad that his school offers this tool to parents and students.

Rebecca, New Zealand


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