RollCall Top 6 Safety Tips for Bus Travel

RollCall Top 6 Safety Tips for Bus Travel

Smart travel is safe travel, and travelling on a bus is no exception. In fact bus travel can present some unique safety risks. The world has become a more complicated place and at RollCall we have become increasingly concerned about the number of distractions children may encounter when getting on and off buses. We all love our technology, but mobile devices, headphones, and augmented reality apps have increased the likelihood of pedestrian accidents.

In 2016, The Age reported that 196 pedestrians had been killed on Victoria’s roads in the span of five years, with distraction emerging as a major factor.


For this reason we have created a safety campaign that tackles this message head on. Along with traditional safety messages.

What we’re doing to help

Every time we send out a device to a client we accompany it with two safety stickers to be fitted to school buses. In addition we encourage our schools to send our bus safety video to all students.

It is important we all work together to get these important messages across to all students, they are our future. So, without any further ado, here are the tips!

RollCall Top 6 safety tips for travelling on a bus.

  1. Look out for traffic – because traffic is not always looking out for you
  2. Remove your headphones when getting on or off the bus
  3. Put your phone away when getting on or off the bus
  4. Wear your seat belt at all times
  5. Wait until the bus leaves before you cross the road
  6. Follow Instructions from your bus driver

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