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Assets Audit System

How many projectors does the school have at the commencement of each year and do they all work? Do I have all the spill containment equipment kits on site just in case? Regular questions asked by School Business Managers and Warehouse Operations Managers on a regular basis. Attaching a TapIT to each of these items and scheduling quick walk arounds has never been easier than on RC Services and you are not looking for paper trails.

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Audit System for enhanced security and efficient night patrolling, Security Service Provider Melbourne

User Case

It is the start of term 3 at St Franks School and day one the Business Manager’s email starts pinging with emails from teachers informing him that projectors, a key teaching aid is not working. He calls the IT department and asks the key question. Did you audit the projectors of the mid-year holidays? No, we forgot to, we did not remember to schedule it. Or, yes we did but we did not follow through with the globe replacements because we could not find the sheet of paper the check was recorded on.

All frustrating stuff but not un-common.

Completely avoidable with RC Services. Schedule the audit, set up the alerts so the Facilities Manager is notified by email every time a note is raised recording a blown globe and then ask the Facilities Manager to scan the asset to record the repair.


  • Saving hours fixing equipment at the last minute for teachers when they can be fixed in non student times.
  • Accounting for expensive equipment reduces the cost of replacement.
Piles of files and paper work is eliminated by RollCall's Audit System Service

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