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RollCall Services

Cleaning Audit System

Are you currently in a position to verify what your contractors and cleaners have completed while on site?
Do you have time and date stamped records?

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Why do you need RollCall Services?

Cleaning is an important defence against the spread of COVID-19. It is emphasised in both the COVID-19 Workplace Safety and  the National Principles for School Education.

Visibility and validation of cleaning protocols, traceability of where and when cleaning occurs is now readily available through RollCall Services.

  • Management’s Duty of Care has never been higher than right now. If you have a COVID-19 event you will need to know what areas were cleaned and by whom. You will want these records in real time and in a digital format.
  • Companies and schools need to provide a safe work environment for their staff – cleaning is now mission critical to reduce the chance of a Workcover claim.
  • While significant management teams are working remotely, there needs to be a digital record that the cleaning activities have occurred.
  • Easy tracing of site cleaning could save you from a complete shutdown.

How does it work?

  • RollCall Services can schedule services such as, cleaning, rooms, vehicles and playground equipment as well as inspections of air conditioners to mention just some.
  • RollCall Services helps you meet your Duty of Care responsibilities in the workplace by recording and verifying all activities on your premises. Remember – the records are yours not a third party.
  • Combining the latest NFC technology with a modern and easy to navigate cloud-based software application, RollCall Services delivers real time records of services such as cleaning and audits completed on your site which you can retrieve at any time.
  • RollCall services transforms your business from time consuming paper-based records to one simple digital platform.

Preparation (1 hour to set up)

  1. Place small NFC sensor (TapIT) in each area you require a cleaning verification.
  2. You will provide your cleaners/staff/contractors with a scanning device (supplied by RollCall) which will be used exclusively at your workplace.
  3. Easily setup locations in the software.
  4. Then quickly build cleaning/audit schedules in RollCall Services.

On the day

  1. The cleaner will log-in to the scanning device to see their cleaning schedule.
  2. In each location, the cleaner will scan in and out when they start and finish the clean/inspection, enter location notes if required and move on to the next area.
  3. You will have real-time dashboard of the clean and audit/compliance reports that detail to the minute when the cleaning was done.

How do you purchase and implement RollCall Services?

  1. Place an order for a RollCall Services Scan Device and the number of NFC TapITs (i.e. individual locations to clean) you will require.
  2. We will set up your environment and send a set up password email to your Super User.
  3. We will conduct a 30-minute training webinar with your Super User.
  4. You are up and running.

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